Pioneering a multilingual NLP for all

Natural Language Processing used to be available for only a few common languages, and only accessible to Data Scientists.
Lingoes.ai was founded to change that.


Lingoes.ai is a multilingual NLP software company from Finland. The company is on the path to develop the world's leading comprehensive multilingual NLP service accessible to non-technical people too. The service is designed for data-driven organizations that want to take advantage of all the valuable insights in their text data.Let’s use people's time wisely and let AI analyze all them text documents.

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Finnish business ID: 3208280-5

[email protected]
Founder of the Lingoes.ai

Aapo Tanskanen

Founder & CEO

[email protected]

Meet the founder

Having worked as a Data Scientist focused in NLP and spent years in following all the latest state-of-the-art NLP advances, experimenting with them and building NLP solutions, it was finally time to put all that know-how into a single NLP service available to all.

So far, the company and service have been bootstrapped as a solo founder with the help of a few external advisors.
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Public roadmap for the near future of Lingoes.ai service. Possible changes will be updated regularly to this roadmap. Customers' needs are highly valued so feel free to contact to affect the roadmap.


Lingoes.ai launch | June 2021

Launch of the Lingoes.ai service with the multilingual text classification features.


Zapier integration | August 2021

Adding Zapier integration into Lingoes.ai service which enables anybody to integrate Lingoes.ai NLP capabilities into thousands of apps with a few clicks.


Keywords, topics and entities | October 2021

Keyword, topic and entity extraction from text is one of the most common NLP tasks enabling many new exciting solutions. Lingoes.ai will make that multilingual and easy to use.


Semantic similarity | November 2021

Ever wanted to search semantically similar texts or automatically cluster text documents by their semantic meanings? Multilingual semantic similarity features will be added to Lingoes.ai service.



More multilingual NLP features coming soon, for example text summarization and question answering.