July 7, 2021

Introducing Lingoes.ai

Natural Language Processing used to be available for only a few common languages, and only accessible to Data Scientists. Let me introduce Lingoes.ai which will change that.

Aapo Tanskanen

Founder & CEO

What kind of data companies have the most? Most likely text data like Word and PDF documents. For example, there could be customer feedback emails, employee survey answers, tender documents and social media posts. All of those are usually analyzed manually by humans. You might read hundreds of texts to find out whether your customers are happy or not, what topics arise in employee surveys or which product category your customer is interested in. Isn't there any better way?

Natural Language Processing (NLP) to rescue

NLP is a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI) where the goal is to understand human’s natural language and enable the interaction between humans and computers. This enables automatization of business processes and gaining valuable insights from text data for data-driven leadership.

Ever since Google released their famous NLP model called BERT in 2018, research and development in NLP world have improved exponentially. During the past year, you may have also read about OpenAI's GPT-3 model which can generate believable text. All the new state-of-the-art NLP models and techniques popping up every month are really cool but mostly accessible to Data Scientists like myself. That limits the usage of the latest NLP solutions in the real-world problems.

Also, what unites most of the available NLP solutions is that they only support a few common languages like English and German. What if I have text documents in Finnish, Vietnamese, Hindi, Afrikaans or any of the other hundreds of languages in the world?

Enter Lingoes.ai

Having followed all the latest NLP advances during the last couple years, experimented with them and developed different NLP solutions, I decided to put all that know-how into a single NLP service available to all.

Lingoes.ai has been built around two founding principles: to enable non-Data Scientists to create NLP solutions for their unique use cases, and to support almost any language in the world. At the launch, you can train your own custom NLP models for text classification with a click of the button or straight away use the readily available model to classify text. All that with the support for 109 different languages. You can read more on how Lingoes.ai works here.

Lingoes.ai gives you the superpowers of a Data Scientist. Easily train custom Natural Language Processing models or use the ready model to classify multilingual text.

To conclude, previously, if you wanted to get NLP solutions for your unique use cases, you had two options: develop a tailor made solution with either your own or outsourced Data Scientists, or find a ready NLP service which supports your special use case and the languages you need. Lingoes.ai combines the best of those both worlds. It's a ready service and you can start using it immediately after signing up with an easy integrations into your apps and processes. It also gives you the flexibility and freedom to use it in many different use cases by easily training your own NLP models or using the ready multi-domain model. Only your imagination is the limit. You can check a few common use cases here to get started.

So, what's next?

The journey of Lingoes.ai has just begun. A few first users have already signed up to the service and you are very welcome to join that group! Constant iteration will happen with the feedback from users and more NLP solutions will be added to service. You can check the public roadmap updated here.

Ultimately, the goal is to develop Lingoes.ai into the world's leading comprehensive NLP service which is both multilingual and accessible to not so technical people too. With Lingoes.ai, you always get the very latest state-of-the-art NLP solutions in an easy-to-use format for over 100 languages.

Personally, building this service and company has already been a very exciting journey and it could be described by quoting Steve Jobs:

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

Are you interested in joining the journey one way or another? Feel free to contact at [email protected] or in LinkedIn.

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